Corporate Connectivity Solution

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Corporate Connectivity Solution

At HNS, we pride ourselves on delivering world class business and corporate bandwidth and Wireless Internet Services that offer the highest measures of performance and reliability.

We understand that your business is unique, which is why, unlike some ISPs, we have moved away from a set of standard Internet bandwidth plans and pricing.

At HNS you will get only the best-fit, best-value plan for your business, because we are an Internet provider that takes the time to precisely tailor a plan to match your needs

Features of HNS Internet Lease line.
  • It provides permanent, reliable, high-speed connectivity as compared to other mediums of access such as wireless/dialup etc.
  • Bandwidth availability in multiples of E1( 2048 Kbps).
  • BGP4 Based multiple uplink routes with full route feeds for all uplinks.
  • Alternate Redundant Routing and High Redundancy.
  • Core network based on Juniper for best in class SLA’s and super fast routing.
  • 24 by 7 manned network operations centre (NOC).